Guava Charcoal

Guava charcoal is characterized by its rapid ignition and resistance to fire for a long time without being extinguished

Guava charcoal is safe for health and suitable for the use of homes, restaurants and hotels. We are among the first in this field due to the capabilities that the company has to reach the highest and best results to satisfy our customers

Our product is located in every country that consumes charcoal in the Arab countries and European countries, and we have guava coal of all kinds, first toast, and shipping is available to all ports around the world

Customer trust is our first and last goal, do not hesitate to deal with us

To contact us, to request details, you can contact WhatsApp via the Sales Department 002010000963439

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The Quality
- 100% charcoal
- Free from dirt and impurities
- Moisture content does not exceed 3%.
- Free from any chemicals
- No smoke or popping
- flammable
- Long lasting
- white ash

Advantages of dealing with TAQH Company
Full hosting for all clients from outside and inside Egypt
We are honored to have you visit our factory, as well as our stores and offices
We provide the customer with the supervision of his product from production to packing and shipping.
TAQH Company for the Export of Charcoal is ready to export any quantities for any request of Charcoal
We can provide weekly quantities of charcoal
We provide you with all the ways to export all types of coal to any country with ease

We provide the customer with the supervision of his product from production to packing and shipping.

More products

We have many types of coal that conform to international specifications

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