TAQH Company for Production and Export of the African Coal

We provide our customers the supervision of their product from production to packing and shipping.

Our production

The best types of Egyptian charcoal to meet all quality standards in terms of ignition speed, the absence of sparks or fumes, and the long duration of its ignition

Why taqh for charcoal?

Complete Confidence and Safety

Complete Confidence and Safety

We deal with a large number of clients around the world to export first-class high-quality charcoal, and the company owns all the necessary licenses for production and export

The Quality

The Quality

One of the advantages of our product is that it is free from dust and impurities, a moisture content does not exceed 3%, free of any chemical substances, fast ignition, and many more advantages

Fast Implementation and Order Fulfillment

Fast Implementation and Order Fulfillment

We know the importance of your specific demand and provide our customers from our experience with all solutions for packaging and sifting scales to meet the different uses of our customers

The Experience

The Experience

We represent extensive experience spanning many years in the coal field.

Extensive Experience in the Coal Field

Extensive Experience in the Coal Field

TAQH is the leading Egyptian company in the production and export of all kinds of charcoal to all countries of the world in accordance with international standards and specifications. We represent a wide experience extending over many years in the field of charcoal.


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Custom Packaging

The company provides the possibility of preparing all the packages with the required sizes in addition to the name of your company on the package

Proceed with the Execution of your Request

The company provides accommodation for our clients from outside Egypt

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